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Mooneys for Sale

This classified plane listings page is offered as a courtesy to Mooney owners wanting to list their Mooney aircraft for sale. When your aircraft has sold, please remove the listing from this page using your login information.

We ALWAYS recommend a pre-buy inspection at a shop that knows Mooneys as well as a title search. Download the “pre-buy form” that we use at our Mooney Service Center. It will help give you an idea of what a mechanic should look for when checking a plane for purchase.

Information is supplied by the seller, and LASAR gives no warranties or guarantees implied or otherwise on any listed plane. LASAR assumes no responsibility. LASAR will monitor this site, but please let us know if you see anything that shouldn’t be here.

67 M20F


Posted 1 month ago by Tre' Landrum

Re-rigged 2017 (gained 5-10 kts!) Tanks Resealed by Weep No More April 2014 SAVVY Maintained


Posted 4 months ago by Mehmet Demirci


Posted 4 months ago by jeffrey schnabel


Posted 4 months ago by Kent Carlomagno

Great fun lil commuter recreation aircraft for those seeking to maintain a complex high performance sel aircraft licence and proficiency. This baby has lots of TLC and is ideal for someone who wants to get 20 MPG or burn 8 GPH this aircraft is for you! Engine runs great, with lots of power and airframe is straight! Flies beautifully! $ 10 K last annual performed


Posted 7 months ago by Gary Nolin


Posted 10 months ago by tatumcc