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Pre-buy Checklist

NOTE: This is only the pre-buy checklist to assist you in your plane inspection.
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Mooney Registration #__________ Year______Model_______ Date of Inspection _____________

X = OK , O= Needs Attention


Exterior, look for, dents. New, misaligned or non OEM rivets, high rivets, loose rivets

New skins, or “non OEM” quality repairs from residual damage or evidence of damage history

Glass clarity: smokey, crazed, or cracked & “stop drilled’

Exterior corrosion (primarily @ lap joints), or flap hinges


Tanks, Leaking or Seeping @ rivets or screws 

Gas smell in cockpit? Or staining along Main spar or wing interior ?

Tank leaks in gear well top at inspection panels and inside look @ sealant

Fuel caps lock cam wear and O rings not cracked

Fuel drains proper or leaking. Removable type?________


Cabin door handle security & engagement

Check seats for condition of foam and backs for structural failure

Cams for distorsion or wear and ease of operation

Seat tracks for condition and dirt or corrosion & stops

Gear Handle (Johnson Bar) for boots & down latch for wear

Labels and required Placards and Switches and CBs identified

Magnetic Compass for fluid and correction card

Soundproofing or SB M20-208B compliance

Condition of Plastic and interior upholstery (Fire certification for new upholstery)

PMA Tags on Seat Belts

Shoulder Harness properly configured


Check ground control and runup-mags, idle & prop

Fuel selector and fuel drain for markings and ease of operation

Check RPM and Tach for accuracy & range markings

Check rigging (A/P on and off)

Check all controls and gauges

Check Avionics and VOR accuracy

Check flaps up speed (12 sec.)

Engine smoothness or vibration

Gear warning horn operration


Gear shock absorbers at limits, cracked or “old style” obsolete Date? ________

Nose Truss, Dents from over-steering or excessive play (unloaded) Steering Horn Play ?____

Check Exterior lights and interior lighting: Panel, enunciators, avionics and Cabin lighting

Check brake discs and pads for wear or corrosion or cupping

Tire Wear & sidewall aging

Check for corrosion in tail section, main and stub spar cap, gear wells, and battery compartment

Leaking Windows, etc.

Flight Control Balance records (required after repaint)

Log Book Entries if plane repainted


Muffler System for cracks or flame tubes and/or Turbo Cracked

Exhaust system/ Intake/ Intact & properly clamped

Engine mount secure, cracks, beef up mod (M20-175 &192) , surface condition & paint

Check Cylinder Fins for cracks @ Exhaust Port

Lord mounts compressed, cracked or installed correctly

Run Engine. Check for smoothness, balance, and engine noise

Engine leaking oil: case, cylinders, hoses, push rods etc.

Compression check all cylinders while hot. Check Plugs for oil & wear, Insp. Cyls

Remove and open oil filter, inspect oil and filter/screen for metal (alum/steel)

Inspect Oil Cooler damage, leaks, cracks, & operation (warm)

Probes, tranducers & wiring


Log books (all –none missing), POH ( current revision) , aircraft “ARROW” documents intact ?

Equipment list and Weight and Balance current

Logbook inspection only ( any record of damage history?)

Last Annual ____________________ SMOH__________________ and Major O/H records ____________________________________

ELT battery date _____________ Due:__________________Type: _________________________

O2 Hydro date ________________ Due:__________________ Steel___  Aluminum___ Composite ___

AD list: ADs and reoccurring and important SBs ______________________________________________________________________

Total Times for Engine________________ Propeller:________________________________, Aircraft __________________________

Propeller times since service: ___________

Notes:  ____________________________________________________________________________

IFR Certification Date ______________ Due:______________

Records of Modifications & Repair 337’s complete?__________________________________________________________________________________

Misc Notes & Discrepancies ________________________________________________________


Disclaimer: We assume no liability for ultimate condition of this aircraft based on this “Pre-buy Evaluation”. This evaluation is not equivalent to an annual inspection which takes 24-32 hours on most Mooneys according to the Factory. This evaluation, usually 19 man hours, utilizing 7 hours of time for flight check and paper work inspection, and 6 hours of mechanical inspection, with 6 hours for the opening and closing of panels investigating common areas where problems can occur. Normally we are listing discrepancies requiring maintenance. This is not really an appraisal either, as we are not listing positive qualities of this aircraft. Damage history may not be noted or detected unless poor repairs are obvious. Usually our inspectors are not aware if the airplane is being represented as “no damage history”. Special attention to the history and other matters may be requested at the time of evaluation, but may not necessarily be included in the estimated 19 hours.


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