Brett Stokes – Co-owner & CEO


Brett grew up in a logging family. He learned to fly at a young age, and is an accomplished pilot. Upon graduation from high school, Brett joined the United States Navy and worked as an avionics technician on the carrier flight deck. After the Navy, Brett went to Oregon State University to complete a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering Management with a Minor in Business Administration.


Since college, Brett has worked for nearly a dozen Fortune 100 and 500 companies in consulting, such as ExxonMobil (and several other major Oil & Gas companies), Puget Sound Energy, Cisco, Microsoft and Jet Propulsion Laboratories (NASA) to name a few . In the field of construction, Brett has worked providing expertise in cost management, project controls, quantity surveying, field engineering, and project management. In the field of information technology and logistics, Brett has worked in many of the areas listed above as well as program management, development and testing, account management, operations, and sales & marketing campaigns mgmt. and execution. He has also spent several years as a VP of Business Development and Operations for a Venture Capital Group. In this role, Brett helped several companies, to develop business plans and financials, campaigns and project mgmt., as well as processes and templates for success.

Brett is an avid pilot of eighteen years, a hunter and fisherman, snowboarder, scuba diver, boater, skier, traveler, and adventurer. He is also heavily involved in philanthropic work involving sustainability and the world’s clean-water shortage epidemic and education crisis. He is a husband and the father of two sons and a daughter.

Brett’s first plane as an owner was a Mooney M20K 231 in Seattle at Paine Field – which is where his love for Mooney’s began. Being able to use this strong flying machine and platform for work, family and fun changed his perspective on having regular access to a personal aircraft. Mooney’s have been called all sorts of different names, but “Mini Airliners” is probably the most applicable. Whether old or new, a Mooney makes the world much more accessible than any other single-engine, piston-driven, FAA certified aircraft – and quite possibly beyond those parameters as well.

All of this context is why Brett and his team could not be more excited about an opportunity to own/run a company like LASAR. The GA industry is poised for serious growth, the Mooney specific industry is not getting the care it could country-wide and world-wide. With this understanding, and God willing, this could become one of the biggest movements in the aviation industry in decades.