LASAR PARTS is providing a Rebuilt Upper Nose Gear Truss that is an upgrade with Turning Stops to replace your old truss that may have become damaged or worn. We offer the LASAR

Truss exchange and can ship immediately anywhere.

The Truss meets the latest configuration in design, expertly welded and heat treated and painted with epoxy primer.

Installation requires use of special compression tools that provide for installing three Lord Shock biscuits, shock link and collar.

The Compression Tool is available for rent and can be shipped to you (Heavy).


LASAR can preassemble your new truss with New Lord Shock Biscuits, Shock Link and Collar to simplify your installation, without the need for special tools.


LASAR has other related Nose Gear components that we can provide as well to restore your gear system to better than new condition. These parts can be preassembled as well…….or ship us your whole nose gear and we’ll expertly restore it for you.


LASAR STC and PMA new and rebuilt Nose Gear parts available include:

  •  Upper Nose Truss –Rebuilt and Modified with turning stops
  •  Shock Link- for retaining the shock disc
  •  Pivot Bushing-Aluminum Nickel Bronze new and oversize with NAS bolt
  •  Steering Horn Assy.- Rebuilt early and late
  •  Steering Horn Conversion-early to late design
  •  Steering Horn Assy.& Clamp-on pivot stud—LASAR new design
  •  Retract Truss-Rebuilt
  •  Rebuilt Pivot Truss