Greg Ellis – Mooney Story of the Week


My wife and I got engaged in 2005. We were planning a very small wedding with just family and close friends. My parents had a different idea. One night we were going out to dinner with my parents. They were in the back seat of the car and telling us how big the wedding would be and all the people that just had to be invited. I knew from experience that these were people I had never met but that my parents felt just had to be there.

It was at that moment that my wife and I decided that a traditional wedding was not going to happen. The next day we decided that we were going to elope. We had been looking at an airplane and decided to take our money that was going to be for our wedding and buy an airplane. After speaking to a friend of mine who is a long time Mooney owner, we decided that a Mooney may fit the bill. So we found our airplane, a 1963 C model, used the money that we had set aside for our wedding to buy the plane and flew our newly acquired Mooney to Taos, New Mexico and eloped. We still have that Mooney 12 years later. It is part of our family. We have talked about getting something bigger, faster, etc… and cannot bear to part with our first airplane.

We told the family we were going to New Mexico to go river rafting…which we did. We just failed to tell them that we were also getting married while we were there. We have had a lot of good times in our airplane. We live in Texas. We have flown our Mooney all the way to Maine, all over the eastern coastal states, the mid-west, central states and even Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada. We truly love to travel in our Mooney with our 3 dogs. What a great airplane!!!