Jim Pantas – Featured Story February 2018


I took my wife to lunch at a local airport that serves a mighty fine cheeseburger. She is not quite comfortable flying with me yet, but she tolerates it when I am taking her on a date. We flew to the airport and when we were 1/2 way back I forgot that I had taken a friend for a ride the day before and didn’t have full tanks when we began. I normally fly alone so I don’t switch tanks very often since all the weight is usually on the left.

So, when I ran one tank dry, and my wife looked at me and I looked at her with what she affectionately calls my “Oh s**t!” face. I told her that I was more worried about her reaction than the engine stoppage. Needless to say I switched to the full tank, the engine quickly restarted and we finished the ride home. To this day she says she has never seen that face on me before and hopes she never will see it again!

Moral of the story: switch tanks often!

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