Bob Ellis – Customer of the Month October 2017

Since I’m based in Columbus, Ohio I haven’t had my Mooney west of the Rockies, but I do visit California often.

On one of those trips I decided to drive up and meet the Lasar folks in person. Great bunch of people! (Nice dog, too!) It was great to get hard-to-find information about aspects of my aircraft I didn’t know, despite owning it for more than 25 years.

One item of info that was particularly useful: For several years I’d had a minor but somewhat annoying shimmy in my front wheel when landing. I could compensate by pressing one rudder or the other, but despite new wheel bearings and balancing, my annual guys could never eliminate it.

The Lasar guys instantly knew what it was — a worn-out bushing. They told my mechanic how to fix it and even sent him the special tool necessary. Now my front gear is as smooth as a new plane. Lasar also helped me find a few trim parts I hadn’t been able to locate. Glad I made the trip out there.

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