Philip Neeper – Mooney of the Month October 2017

I bought my Mooney sight unseen when I was in Iraq 2010 and our bond only grew as I started resurrecting her. She sat in an abandoned T hangar for 14 years before I was able to ferry her to my friend’s hangar in Spruce Creek. That is when I truly knew I made the right decision, during the labor intensive maintenance to get her airworthy again.

Replacing all her hoses, over 300 rivets, installing newer radios, and giving a “fresh new look” to her before the airport HOA caught us. It wasn’t until July 2012 when she got her annual inspection that I got to feel her fly, even though this was short lived as well.

Roughly 13 hours later, a few XC to northern ATL for pilots n paws missions, I grounded her for a new heart “overhaul”. During this time, I repaired her leaky fuel tanks, installed an EDM, new tires, rotors, and most of all, her original heart with 0 SMOH. Recently, on October 14th, 2017 she passed her annual inspection once again and took to the sky after 4 long years of sitting in a T hangar in southern GA. Timing couldn’t be more perfect.

As I was growing closer and closer to getting my Mooney in annual, the military told me to pack my bags, it’s time to move. On this same day, I found out I was gonna be a father as well. While talking about our future of Mooney ownership, moving, and

starting a family, I was afraid she would have to go. But when my GF said, “You WILL NOT sell the Mooney, this is our rock, our life and she will carry our family”, I couldn’t of been any more thrilled. I am currently in the process of relocating to the KY area, and still repairing and modifying this bird when all along she has modified me.

Even though I’ve only logged about 15 hours in my Mooney, she has rescued 6 dogs, got me thru a divorce, become a family heirloom, and assisted me in obtaining my A&P. I couldn’t be any happier with the purchase of this plane and am anxious to see our first family flight in the years to come.

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