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At LASAR, we love everything Mooney, including our Mooniacs! Every month we feature a variety of stories here on our website and on our social media. If you would like your Mooney airplane, your favorite Mooney flight story, or your experience as a LASAR customer featured, click the button below.

Corey Weinfurt – Mooney Story of the Week

I learned to fly in Leavenworth, KS. Leavenworth's hangars are full of beautiful Mooneys and lots more stop in from the surrounding area. After earning my private license I couldn't wait to find one of my own. A retired navy man happened to be selling his 1964 M20C. I...

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Greg Ellis – Mooney Story of the Week

My wife and I got engaged in 2005. We were planning a very small wedding with just family and close friends. My parents had a different idea. One night we were going out to dinner with my parents. They were in the back seat of the car and telling us how big the...

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Edwin Clayton – Mooney Story of the Week

I'm a new Mooney owner as of October 2017.  A bit of backstory: I've been enthusiastic about aviation my whole life, but never had much money, so I had to content myself with a PC desktop simulation and an RC model or two.  That changed when I got out of the Army in...

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Jim Pantas – Featured Story February 2018

I took my wife to lunch at a local airport that serves a mighty fine cheeseburger. She is not quite comfortable flying with me yet, but she tolerates it when I am taking her on a date. We flew to the airport and when we were 1/2 way back I forgot that I had taken a...

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